A message from our founder on new media

Our Founder, Dave Norman

A Message from our Founder

The publishing industry is engulfed in flames, taking on water, and even the rats are jumping ship. It’s entertaining...and the perfect time to set up an independent publishing house. Why?

Because there are excellent editors, designers, and programmers eager for freelance work...and we can hire them inexpensively. Because the soaring popularity of self-publishing spawned a technological revolution in Print on Demand technology…which we use for our company. Because the Internet gives us a powerful, mostly free tool for marketing, interacting with readers, courting new bookstores, and even selling copies directly.

Never has overhead been so low for small presses, nor the quality of printing/distribution been so high for firms of our size. This enables us to make enough money off high-quality, small-circulation books to fund real campaigns for them…and take on more of those projects that would either get self-published or never published at all.

Won’t you join us?

Helping the authors who create the books you love is simple—tell your friends about what you’re reading. Share your excitement. Email them a reminder about the book you like, and maybe a link to the book on Amazon. When you purchase directly from us, we’ll include a few postcards with information on our other books; you can recycle them, of course…or you can post the cards at work or give one to a friend. We really appreciate your help!

The more copies we sell, the more money we have to keep that writer working on new projects…and out of a dead-end job in fast food.

Authors can help us by submitting high-quality, culturally relevant writing—you know, the kind you love to read because it makes you think. Because it inspires your creativity. Because it changes the way you see the world, if only just a little bit. Do you write the words that make the whole world sing? Or open minds and make our hearts beat faster? Send it in.

So that’s our team, in a nutshell—authors and readers. You and them, and us in the middle. We edit and lay out the books, have them manufactured, and try to bring you together through our media campaigns…but then it’s up to our writers to inspire their readers, and our readers to buy the books you love. Every time you buy a book, or pay for a download, you’re supporting the person who made it happen—it’s like a donation to a charity of one, so that his or her work may continue…and continue bringing more of the words you love. It’s a personal vote of confidence; it’s a living for some.

And it’s very greatly appreciated—every sale, every time.

So keep your eyes on f/64 Publishing in the years ahead, as we roast marshmallows over the smoldering embers of the Old Publishing Industry. We’re a small part of the new one…and so are you. Take some chances with us.

We’re f/64 Publishing—bringing you writing...in focus!

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